The casting out of demons is always something amazing to see. I have seen from the dramatic to the all so sullen.

My experience with seeing the casting out of demons began when i was in Trinidad around the year 2001. It was an ordinary Sunday at church, and the Reverend was praying for persons who wanted pray, out of nowhere one guy who was being prayed for began to attack the Reverend as he prayed for him. The Reverend lurked forward and clapped his hand onto his forehead, and at the same time asked us to chant the name of Jesus. The demon came out and the guy went back to his seat limp and appeared weak.

This was totally amazing to me as all my days in church in Barbados i had not seen anything to this extent, granted I am a relatively young person. Other cases of demons being cast out in Trinidad were not so dramatic, but involve the reverend telling the demon to come out of the person without much effort.

I later returned home to Barbados in the year 2003, where I sense a change in the island. Younger churches had arisen on the island, and there were more radical atmosphere about keeping the word of God as stated in the bible.

My experience in Barbados with the casting out of demons then began at a church at the southern end of the island, where many are healed of many diseases and distresses which had been apparently due to spirits of infirmity etcetera. I have once heard the Apostle in his weekly radio programme mention that he has seen all types of healings at his church with the exception of the dead being raised as yet.

This Church also held a conference where i have seen something which i have only heard others speak about. This was the coughing and the vomiting up of demons. In this an apostle from the United States was visiting the church, and a conference was being held at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre. I remember clearly there was one particular lady who was quite radical in her praise through out the session that i later saw vomiting into a bag and coughing while two members of the church prayed over her. i immediately understood that demons were being expelled from her.

This coughing and vomiting of demons again came to the fore in another church. I was walking pass the church and heard during their evening deliverance worship the song of women apparently screaming out, while others sang in worship. I went to the door, and saw about three women vomiting something into bags which did not appear liquid, one lady was outstretched on the ground rolling around as though she was asleep and having a bad dream, the Apostle said she was "drunken" by the Holy Spirit.

I have also attended conferences here in Barbados where demons were cast out and the dumb started to speak, and the blind began to see.

The Youtube video below shows the deliverance of a demon possessed lady, who had a spirit husband.