Christianity has a few problems, which involve the followers in the church being lied to by its leaders.

Within the church, leaders try to make the congregation believe that only them can understand the thoughts of God. The bible has been changed into many versions all with slightly different interpretations of what God has revealed. So which should one follow?

I believe the Kings James version despite its earlier form of English lies supreme to the others. It tends to connect with the spirit more than the others do.

At a time when persons were not as educated leaders took this to they advantage, each Sunday they would tell persons what was in the bible without any complaints, or questions. This has changed as society became more educated, and started asking questions, all fuel in part by the internet.

The leaders realizing that persons are interpreting the word for themselves are now putting an onus on the Greek interpretation of the word etcetera, in order again to have the wool pulled over the eyes of the congregation. This in an effort to basically say I am the authority on the word.

Any effort which makes the average person believe he is not in a position to understand the word of God fully, allows for interpretations of the bible being spelt out for him.

The tithing principle is such an example. The bible clearly states that whether Jew or Gentile, we are no longer under the law of Moses. The bible also states in Mathew 23:23 that the tithe was member of the law, yet Christian leaders are saying to its congregation that persons will be cursed if they do not tithe.

The bible says the law of Moses has been fulfilled, it mentions in Romans 7 that Thou shalt not Covet was part of the law. Yet Christian leaders are saying to followers the ten commandment are still in place, and person should still keep the fourth commandment.

As it stands at this present time, and if I am wrong on this may God forgive me. It is better to accept Christ as Lord and Saviour and not join a church, because if you join a church and follow any aspect of the law of Moses you will be accountable for the whole law.

It is better not to join the church and fall under the Grace of God unto righteousness and life eternal, than to fall under the law of Moses, whose master is sin unto death.

Christianity has great potential, but it is not growing at the rate it should, because those on the outside looking in are seeing the discrepancies I'm speaking of in this article.

I hope Christian leaders are familiar with Galatians 1:8.