This ad which pops up on CBC television from time to time asks viewers to text PRAYER at 2201 in order to seek guidance from above, but is this really true?

Persons need to understand that you should not have to spend money in order to get favour or instruction from God. The Bible contradicts this notion of persons having to spend money in order to get blessings. The bible in Mathew Chapter 10 verse 8 touts the idea that power of God was given freely to men and women of God, and therefore should be given freely to persons wanting results from this power.

Many within and outside of the Christian church are being lead to believe that in order to be bless of God, you must give money to someone.

It has reached the point that if you dare go to church without money in our pocket you are lead to feel uncomfortable. Many churches are no longer passing around the collection plate, but are having persons move from their seats in order to give an offering to the church. What this does is separates the "haves" from the "have nots" and leave some feeling embarrass.

It is also causing some to give when in their heart they had not plan to. This latter aspect is treading on dangerous ground as giving grudgingly can lead to curses falling on those persons.

Texting 2201 for answers might not be a wise thing to do. If one needs prayer this can be acquired for free by calling a church where persons will pray with and for you absolutely free. The texting for answers sounds a lot like reading of the horoscopes for answers which as the bible says is treading on dangerous ground.