The 5th Summit of The Americas got on with a robust start with a speech which touched pretty much all that affects the Americas.

President Daniel ORTEGA Saavedra spoke about the effects of the global crisis on the poorer nations of the world, and how this might be solve. He is encouraging that funds be made available by the IMF to poorer nations without any political conditionalities be attached. 

He mentioned the financial crisis was caused by rich nations whose capitalist ideas continue concentrate riches in the hands of the rich at the expense of the poor.

He believes a new system needs to be put in place where the poorer nations also have a say in the future of the world. He believes it is unethical for the G20 countries to make the decisions in solving the problems of the world which can wipe out mankind. He, however, believes that solving the problems of the world should be solved by the G192 nations of the United Nations.

President Daniel ORTEGA Saavedra also mentioned Cuba throughout his speech and how it is being treated. He, however, hopes that this summit which has started on the exact date of the beginning of the Cuban revolution would forge ahead in having this summit create a change in Cuba.

He said most importantly that the richer nations need to create opportunities for the people of the region.

President Obama in his reply reiterated change in terms of the relationship that the United States will be be having with its neighbours. He motioned that not only was the American way of thinking needed to change, but also the way America is seen by its neighbours.

President Obama also mentioned that the United Sates wanted "New Beginnings" with Cuba on issues ranging from human rights to migration and the economy