Summit of all Summits: The Fifth Summit of The Americas

21 Apr 2009, 12:00 AM

By: gop

This Summit of the Americas can easily be seen as the summit of all summits, because of the spirit of cordiality and respect which permeated throughout the summit

Many important topics affecting the world over were discussed including regulation in financial markets, sustainable development, fighting drug trafficking in the region.

It is understood from many leaders immerging from the talks that different points of view were shared and respected, and that the spirit of goodwill exceeded expectations.

Trivester hopes this summit would stimulate more cooperation between members of the Americas for the betterment of all.

Some members of the summit refused to sign the declaration of the summit because the financial crisis was not addressed enough. some believed that they are democratic and don't need to be state that they are. Some also didn't agree Cuba should have been excluded.

Prime Minister Patrick Manning after being questioned about the the significant cost of the summit said the he expects significant investment into the Trinidad and Tobago economy following the summit, and even if these investments do not materialized, Trinidad and Tobago would be happy in investing in the Americas in bringing together leaders of the Americas for discussions which have exceeded expectations.

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