Why was the water receding in Long Island and Exuma during Irma? Now about the water receding....that has happened before in acklins in 1936 and this by the way is not a normal phenomena but has happened several times before but it is due to the hurricane.

What happened in this case was that the low pressure of the hurricane pushed down on the water in the eye and eye wall of the hurricane which is a low pressure system at at the center of the storm which gives you the high level storm surge but in nature the is a never ending process of trying or forcing to maintain a perfect because at the center the water height is pretty high and Irma had 15-20 ft storm surge but that water which produces this bulging effect takes water from its surroundings to be transferred into the eye so the water receding is part of this storm.

But in the Long Island and Exuma cases care must be taken in this case because the water often returns with even greater fury.