Whoever said that Prime Minister (PM) Freundel Stuart wasn't was "saying a ting" has been certainly misguided as Mr. Stuart has spoken in no uncertain terms on the REDjet issue, and on the rules of engagement on the issue.

The PM who appears to be having discussions with his counterparts from Trinidad and Tobago, and Jamaica, while in St. Kitts attending 32nd CARICOM's head of government meeting has given an update to the media on the REDjet situation.

Mr. Stuart said, Barbados' George Hutson, Minister of International Business and International Transport, had attended a meeting in Trinidad with Jack Warner, Minister of Works, and Transport of Trinidad and Tobago, and Jamaica's Minister of Transport and Works, Michael Henry.

While at the meeting Mr. Hutson was told that there were safety concerns with REDjet and he was presented with pictures of an aircraft. Mr. Hutson has asked that these pictures be validated, as it wasn't clear it was a REDjet plane.

Mr. Stuart said that the Barbados Aviation Authority had authorize the REDjet airline to fly the Caribbean, but Stuart believes as a result of the hindrances of REDjet by Aviation Authorities in Trinidad and Jamaica, means that the efforts by they Barbadian counterparts are being "second-guessing."

Mr. Stuart said further, that other aviation authorities have authorized planes which fly to Barbados, and no questions were asked. Mr. Stuart also intends to learn how "the game" is played, and by what rules, so he can also respond in like manner.

Mr. Stuart is certainly saying something.