Oprah in Barbados
Oprah being driven around Barbados by Rihanna today. The mogul tweets "Look who's driving me around Barbados!" photo: twitter

Bridgetown, Barbados -- Oprah Winfrey the American mogul who is an American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist is in Barbados for what is believed to be an interview with Rihanna for her programme, The Next Chapter.

Miss Winfrey was the one who allowed the world to know that she was in Barbados via her Twitter account to her 13 million followers, where she posted, "Look who's driving me around Barbados!" along with an Instagram photo of her being driven around shotgun in Barbados by Rihanna.

Rihanna also followed in similar fashion posting on her Twitter account about an hour later to her 23 million followers, "Look who popped up in my Hometown BARBADOS", along with the same image of the two in a vehicle.

Oprah Winfrey will be interviewing the 5-time Grammy award winning Rihanna for Oprah's Next Chapter to be aired on August 19.

This interview might have also been carefully plan so the world might get a taste of Barbados' Crop Over events which are currently in full swing.

Many across the internet can't wait to see the interview between these two queens, who have taken the world by storm. Some have been begging that Oprah speak to Rihanna on the Chris Brown issue, which seems to be still simmering in the Cohobblopot of issues.

Events during this Crop Over season which interest Oprah would be the Cohobblopot, which will feature another Barbadian, who has also spread her wings far beyond these shores of a land mast of only 166sq miles, to the world in the from of Shontelle Layne, simply referred to as Shontelle.

The climax and spectacle of Grand Kadooment should also be of interest, which might witness Rihanna in full costume as she parties in the streets of Barbados.

It was only today during a press conference, chairman of the Barbados Board of Tourism (BTA), Adrian Elcock, said that Rihanna will be involved significantly in an advertising campaign to market this island starting in September.

During the BTA's annual Crop Over press conference yesterday at the Hilton, Mr. Elcock reinterated the BTA's position in harnessing the stardom of Rihanna to campaign for her hometown as a tourist destination especially for the upcoming winter season.

Rihanna last year signed a multi-year deal with BTA to exclusively promote her hometown island of Barbados as a tourist destination.

p.s - Miss Winfrey doh fuhget yuh seat belt.