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The Worship and Breakthrough centre NEW Beginnings Concert Featuring a true man of God, Reverend Dr. Paul Lewis, was truly an awesome event.

The Annual Convention was held at the Sir Garfield Sobers Complex from Sunday 18th May to Friday 23rd May 2008. The common theme among the nights of the convention was that of total Worship to God.

The Worship theme who got the worship to God going each night did a very good job, with a lead singer and three back-up singers, a band comprising drums and on keyboards, Senator Reverend Peter Millington.

Throughout the convention many were delivered from many burdens and diseases. Some were set free of generational curses, some had words of prosperity spoken into their lives. Conditions such as blindness which was in a child who was born premature at 5 months gestation; an old gentleman who had prostatic cancer and could hardly stand because of back pain as the cancer might have spread to the spine was suddenly walking around, without pain and was healed.

Many were healed of cataracts, some healed of other forms of cancer. Thirty-four healed of HIV/Aids, Dr. Lewis didn't called these persons out because of the privacy of the matter, but urge them to go back to their doctors who will not find HIV/Aids in their bodies. About forty women who went to the altar with lumps in their breast were instantaneously healed, and were able to testify right away of the disappearance of the lumps. Reverend Dr. Paul Lewis was always mentioning it is not his works, but the works of God.

Testimonials were also plentiful from the previous convention, some testified of receiving a prophesy, that there will prosper, and testified of becoming millionaires. One gentleman said he had a problem where one leg was longer than the other, he too was healed through the Paul Lewis ministry. Others testified of the glorious benefits of the olive oil soap offered by Reverend Lewis. One lady who was wheel chair bound testified of being healed, and was able to push Dr. Paul in the same wheel chair she came in.

Dr. Paul Lewis mentioned they are some critics of his ministry, saying it is not of God, but he mentioned Satan can not miraculously heal the sick, and that a kingdom can not stand which is divided as mentioned in the bible. The bible further states one way to tell if a person is truly a prophet, is to wait and see if what the prophet says comes to past.

Dr. Lewis also had a word for Barbados as a whole. He mentioned we will within the next two to eight months be experiencing some turmoil within the island, but was careful on what he said. He urge Persons to pray for the Prime Minister, as Barbados will have a though time ahead.

Paul Lewis urged those in attendance to draw closer to God, and if they don't belong to a church to find a church, as we will need God more than ever.