Flow Barbados (Columbus communications) in will be partnering with the BrightPath Foundation in hosting a new digital initiative called TechLink.

TechLink is an educational programme that provides communities with access to knowledge and practical skills necessary to adapt and apply technology to their local needs.

In so doing, there will be a drive to install WiFi access points at various bus stops across the island and along country's south coast board-walk area.

This initiative in WiFi hot spot availability one hopes, may also stimulate the develop of a mobile app for commuters travelling on public transport as public buses are already equipped with GPS locators, which should allow for a more efficient service.

The programme will also more generally target the youth, small businesses and even the not so young with the tools for utilising the fastest broadband technology.

The partnership of Columbus and BrightPath Foundation has also spread to other regions of the Caribbean including Grenada and Trinidad and Tobago.

The BrightPath Foundation is an international non-profit organization focused on building local capacity through values-based technology training.

Columbus on the other hand has invested in Barbados offering consumers the full triple play of broadband Internet, digital land-line telephone and advanced Internet protocol based video services under the brand name FLOW.