BAMP Press Release

The Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners (BAMP) met with the representatives of the QEH board of management today. Our intention was to conclude negotiations concerning employment contracts and terms and conditions of service for our members.

BAMP was invited to submit proposals to the QEH board on the terms and conditions of service of our members and in good faith we submitted a proposal for new employment contracts in January 2011. Thereafter, we made repeated attempts to engage the board in negotiation. After several months of inaction, BAMP finally received a letter from the board on July 22, 2011 stating that the proposed contracts were 'outside of the remit of those approved by the Ministry of Civil Service'. However, the Ministry of Civil Service previously indicated that all terms and conditions of employment must be negotiated with the QEH board as a statutory corporation and this was communicated to the board.

The Minister of Health met with BAMP and representatives of the QEH board on June 8th, 2011. At that meeting the Minister directed the Chairman of the QEH board to conclude negotiations with BAMP by August 31st. In response, the board invited BAMP 'to further discussions on outstanding industrial relations matters'. At this meeting, which took place today, we were very disappointed that the board has now determined that they are not negotiating.

We emphasize that BAMP has not been seeking any salary increases for doctors but only to improve accountability and transparency with respect to the management of doctors and the conditions of their service to the people of Barbados.

BAMP regrets that the QEH board has refused to engage in negotiations with us. We therefore consider these negotiations to have broken down and we must discuss these developments with our members to determine the way forward.

Dr. Wayne Clarke PRO BAMP