Democratic Labour Party wins Barbados' 2013 general election

Barbados' 2013 general election results are out and it will be Dems now and Dems again with a victory to lead again for five years.

2013/02/22 02:16 AM

By: Jeff

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados - Celebrations are in high gear in Barbados at this time as the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) has won the Barbados 2013 general elections in a 16-14 victory, against the Barbados Labour Party (BLP).

With an electorate comprising some 247, 211 Barbadians, 128,542 females and 118,669 males, and about twelve thousand new voters were among the eligible list. The DLP was able to nab 53% of the votes

After elections were announced on 30 January 2013 for 21 February 2013 by Prime Minister Freundel Stuart Barbados incurred a vigorously fought election campaign chiefly between the two dominant political parties.

The BLP has accepted defeat after speaking to the media at its Roebuck Street headquarters, and Opposition leader Mr. Owen Arthur has stated that the party will decide if he continues as its leader.

The BLP has now suffered two general election losses to the DLP, the last elections occurring in 2008.

In 2008 the swing was away from the BLP who loss the election to the DLP in a 20-10 result. In 2013, however, the BLP with the swing away from the incumbent has also loss to the DLP.

Rough seas are expected for the winning DLP as the Opposition party currently appears very strong having harnessed 14 of the 30 seats and could easily throw a spanner in the works of government and its policies. No confidence motions are expected to raise their heads within the five year mandate which has been given to the ruling DLP.

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart will have to watch his p's and q's as there is the possibility of persons crossing the floor of Parliament and forming the majority on that side of the divide.

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