"I always think that the danger at the moment is that he is effectively being punished twice for the same offence. I gave him a second chance. I think that sometimes in life it is right to give someone a second chance."
Do these two beautiful ladies have any looks in common, or have I gotten it totally wrong?
American holidaymakers are feared dead after a tourist boat sank off the coast of Mexico
"The Civil Aviation (Division in Trinidad) has some concerns and those concerns would be looked at by the civil aviation departments in Barbados and Jamaica and collectively those three civil aviation departments would come up with one common approach and one common response to whatever concerns they have," Warner said. (trinidadexpress)
Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders ended their second day of discussions with the need to implement new strategies that would make the integration movement more relevant and result oriented.
Trinidad continues on the long road to the approval of RED jet flights to the twin island republic by stating no new decision can be made on the issue without speaking to the cabinet and the new minister.
Gayle speaks of his captaincy of the West Indies cricket team and his treatment by that cricketing board who might have stood behind him in public but voted differently within the confines of the board-room. Gayle finds the rumours of his losing commitment to the team untrue.
Human trafficking is akin to slavery, yet many countries whose history is tainted in the injustices of slavery often fin themselves each year being reported be The U.S. Department of State of it taking place on their shores.
It is thought that the Egyptians positioned their pyramids so as to reflect the positions of some stars or constellations. This has to do with ancient religious beliefs. They believed that as above, so below. Heaven is a reflection of Earth, and vice versa. A pyramid is thought to be a kind of stairway to heaven for the deceased pharoah.
The resignation of Jack Warner from the FIFA Executive board means all bribery allegations and investigations will come to an end as all Ethics Committee procedures against him have been closed, and the presumption of innocence is maintained
Stuart pointed out that his visit also served to further strengthen relations with China, and identified additional areas of cooperation between the two states.
Barbados will not be the same after August 5th, 2011 as this is the date Barbadian born, super-star Rihanna will be performing for the first time at HOME after gracing stages all over the world.
The Jamaican Prime Minister has lent his voice to the CARICOM fiasco which is now up in the air with regards to REDjet. Jamaica has 16 per cent shares in CAL.
The 36th Episcopal Diocese of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. - ECCN summer conference 2011 - Barbados
FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter was re-elected for a fourth term of office until 2015 by the 61st FIFA Congress, held in Zurich
Time To Change
Following his suspension on allege corruption by the world football governing body. Mr. Warner responds.
Warner, Bin Hammam temporarily suspended from national and international football, whereas Sepp Blatter has been cleared of corruption allegation by FIFA Ethics Committee
Following allegations of corruption and being called before FIFA'a Ethics Committee, Mohammed bin Hammam has decided to relinquish an attempt to become that body's president
Joseph Sepp Blatter will find himself before FIFA's Ethics Committee, along with Mohammed bin Hammam, FIFA presidential candidate, and Jack Warner, a FIFA vice-president

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