FIFA's president Joseph Sepp Blatter to go before its Ethics Committee. There appears to be infighting within the power structure of FIFA with elections for the presidency around the corner. FIFA has summons its vice-president to Zurich following allegations of corruption
National loyalties will be set aside and Campus loyalties will dominate as athletes compete for the championship trophy which will go the Campus with the best performance across the ten disciplines - Eudine Barriteau
Do doctors over prescribe on medication, and do they try to kill a fly with a cannon ball so to speak?
Many world leaders have flights booked for Ireland within a relatively short period of time spanning 2011, and 2012. The question is why at this time.
Prime Minister David Cameron's office said it is pleased that Obama has accepted the invitation to visit the U.K. along with first lady Michelle Obama from May 24-26.
Fierce competition for the Olympic Games most sought after event, as one million persons dash after the 40,000 tickets available for the event
"You should never be a bully, you should not sit and be bullied nor should you watch others being bullied without reporting it to an adult," - Coroner Faith Marshall-Harris
"The authority of saying what this diocese represents rests with the Bishop and with Synod and not with any individual, whether clerical or lay."
Obama seems to be the right choice at the right time? An American leader who is black, with an eastern name might be just what the doctor ordered, as the rest of the world seem to be eating from his palms.
Many have been predicting the demise of Caribbean airlines LIAT, and Caribbean Airlines, following the introduction of the low-cost airline REDjet into the travel industry market of the caribbean, but can REDjet be trusted?
According to Harold Camping, a Christian fundamentalist radio host of the Family Radio Network in Oakland, California the world will come to an end on May 21st 2011.
The anglican church appears to be slipping away from the faith day by day, firstly it was allowing gay priest, and now it is moving towards allowing pre-marital sex
May Day, May Day, Osama bin Laden is Dead!!! I repeat Osama bin Laden is Dead!!!
Obama during The White House Correspondents' Dinner in a comedy relief session took the opportunity to take few jabs at Donald Trump, who was in attendance, to the pleasure of most in attendence, and those watching on television.
President Obama has been confirmed as being born in the USA yet those who are referred to as birthers are of the opinion that the president is lying
REDjet's US$9.99 reported fares refer to the cost of seating on the plane.
Bird strike forces CAL flight to an emergency landing in Guyana. Vultures in the vicinity of the airport appear resonsible
Spiritual Guru? God-man? Whatever he was, Sri Sathya Sai Baba has influence and will continue to influence millions around the globe

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