Starting tomorrow April 21st, REDjet will introduce more payment options for ticket purchases to those who will consider themselves REDjetters.
REDjet has received its Air Operator's Certificate (AOC). The AOC requires the operator to have personnel, assets and systems in place to ensure the safety of its employees and the general public.
Barbados lacks laws or regulations necessary to oversee air carriers in accordance with minimum international standards, says FAA, or that its civil aviation authority is deficient.
A Message from CEO Ian Burns - to all REDjetters, as REDjet receives its Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) at the end of the month.
General Colin L. Powell, USA (Retired) and Alma Powell, Chair of the America's Promise Alliance, are in Trinidad and Tobago at the invitation of Prime Minister the Honourable Kamla Persad-Bissessar's
"When I took the tablet I felt like I was floating. I felt reckless and tired, but I was conscious of what was going on around me," she said. (Jamaican Observer)
Non-nationals will not be able to attend Government owned medical treatment facilities in Barbados for free, unless in cases of emergency, or there is a public health threat.
Earlier, failure to adequately cool nuclear reactors at two power plants, resulted in evacuation of the area around the plants, as eight times the normal radiation levels outside the facility and 1,000 times normal inside were detected.
No US president in the recent pass, has faced the type and frequency of criticisms as the current president, Barack Obama. Wy is this?
The three said they were attending the Reggae on the Hill concert, but could not say when the event was to take place, and in actually fact the 19 days requested would not allow them to see the show.
Having reported to the Jamaican Observer, and later the Jamaican government an allege case of "improper treatment". The situation has progressed into a position where that country's Foreign Minister, Dr. Kenneth Baugh, has been invited to Barbados, to further discuss the issue.
The Jamaican who claims to have been finger raped, is considering suing the Government of Barbados. Some Jamaicans as a result of this have decided to boycott products coming from Barbados.
It is often said there are always two sides, and in some cases three sides to a story, if one includes the truth. Here is such a case including, Jamaican, Shanique Myrie, and Barbados officials.
Whoever said that investing was risky must take back those words, according to the Trinidad Express investors in the CLICO insurance company will be receiving their monies back.
Ms. Myrie's story has been endorsed by former Jamaican honorary consul to Barbados, and attorney, Marlon Gordon.
The closure of BBC Caribbean, which is expected to be on March 25, is leading to the closure of the only Gospel radio station in Barbados.
Doctors of MPATT are protesting and are calling for the resignation of the Minister of Health, due to suppended doctors and nurses, and general working conditions at the San Fernando General Hospital.
Can a house divided stand? A wise man once asked this question. Has the enemy penetrated the church to such an extent that some are willing to compromise the work of the church?
The 30th annual International Reggae & World Music Awards (IRAWMA) now in its 30th year will be hosted in Trinidad and Tobago at The National Academy For the Performing Arts (NAPA)

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