Having been placed under judicial management assets of CLICO (Guyana) were transferred to the supervision of the High Court, which appointed Commissioner of Insurance Maria van Beek to manage its affairs a point the way forward for that company.
CLICO Barbados after review by a special oversight committee, has recommended that the company be placed under judicial management. Government has agreed.
The Government of Barbados is ensuring policy holders in the embattled CLICO Holdings (Barbados) that they will receive the principals of their investments based on current information available.
Japan will have to make serious decisions as to whether it will persue its current policy of using nuclear energy to fuel it energy demands following the impact its nuclear reactors may have on the environment
Failure to adequately cool nuclear reactors at two power plants has resulted in evacuation of the area around the plants, as eight times the normal radiation levels outside the facility and 1,000 times normal inside were detected.
Massive earthquake has struck Japan with a magnitude which is amongst the world's most severe earthquake. Reports of 30-foot waves due to a massive tsunami.
Vybz Kartel has been invited to lecture at the UWI to enlighten students about his art-form. Dr Carolyn Cooper, believes the lecture will allow the students to have a clearer understanding of the minds of Deejay artistes.
In 2009 Barbados had started negotiations with BHP Billiton, the company was awarded offshore blocks Carlisle Bay and Bimshire
To be, or not to be that is the question - William Shakespeare. Will Barbadians continue to be manipulated, or will there refuse it, that is the question.
Bajans are aware that they are those who practise witchcraft in Barbados, and they are referred to as Obeah men, and women, but what would shock some is that they are praying against Christians, and for the failure of churches.
Prophet Agyemang (Agyeman) Prempeh is yet another prophet to Barbados who has predicted a major oil find which will enrich the people of the Caribbean territory.
The halal method of preparing food might not be in keeping with Christian values. Should meat products, and fast food outlets preparing such food clearly label such products?
Lesbianism in Barbados appears to be at an all time high. Wherever in the land one turns, one can be confronted with someone who looks lesbian, as in having male characteristics.
The new Bahamian resort Baha Mar it is expected to make The Bahamas one of the best tourist locations in the world, alongside destinations such as Las Vegas and Orlando.
The Black Swan Film is expected to be released on the general public at local cinema following it earlier ban by The Cinematograph Film Censorship Board (CFCB)
Will there be a Palin 2012 presidential bid, inquiring minds want to know. The US media has certainly been trying to keep her name fresh as her name frequently lines news headlines, or those of her family.
The Obama administration had announced about a year ago that it had planned to repeal a regulation called the 2008 Final Rule, and it did so on Friday.
Has former Barbados Labour Party (BLP) parliamentarian, and Member of Parliament, Rommell Marshall been considering leaving the ranks of the BLP for the Democratic Labour Party?
With election bells some two years away, and a new Prime Minister being installed during the government's midterm, the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) will make room for rearrangements
According to whose Perez Hilton is featured in the video says it is inspiration rather than plagiarism

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