Elections are scheduled for December 13 and are therefore being held during the Yuletide season, and Mr. Gonsalves has said that elections were previously held on four occasions during this period, and the Opposition NDP had lost on three of those occasions
The Bruce Golding Government seeks to discover what is the motivation in the banning of one of its artiste in light of CARICOM Free Movement of Skills Initiative
Should Jamaican politics be built around an individual? Shall it be, or will it not be? That is the question stakeholders in that island's parliament will have to answer
"This matter of the extradition has consumed too much of our energies and attention and has led to a virtual paralysis that must be broken"
Christopher Coke after being caught by police, might have waive his rights to an extradition hearing against being sent to the United States of America
Mr. Golding condemned the International media for their interpretation of the current situation in Jamaica, describing it as conspiracy to undermine the duly elected government of Jamaica
The Shower Posse's growth came out of the oil crisis of the 1970's, as it caused the Jamaican economy to go into a nose dive - alleged exportation of drugs by these gangs might have helped the economy
The recently revealed wax figure of Rihanna has truly done the 22 year old Barbadian Pop Star justice. This similarities between Rihanna and the waxed figure has the internet buzzing
Prophet Van Johnson has been accurately speaking to persons as to what is happening in their lives. He prayed for one lady with scoliosis (curvature od the spine), and here spine straightened
Barbadians are fervently praying for the recovery of Prime Minister David Thompson, as there seems to not have a clear choice as you should lift the mantle and be successor in leadership should he pass, or has to retire
Mr. Thompson to lie in state and repose for private and public viewers to show their respect for the late prime minister of Barbados
The Prime Minister of Barbados David Thompson has been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer by his New York doctors. Although the PM was diagnosed with cancer he will maintain the position of Prime Minister of Barbados
"Hope for the best, prepare for the worst".
"Shortly, an evaluation will take place to determine if I need surgery. It may be a complex and serious procedure," Thompson said.
Opposition party of Barbados at loggerheads with its lone TV station over airtime. Is it time for a another non-governmental control TV station in Barbados, or will that make too much sense?
Text of Marilyn Rice-Bowen press conference:: "Attitude and disposition on the part of the Minister ultimately led to an impasse between the Minister and me and ultimately, my termination as chairman of the Board"
The U.S Department of State has produced a report on Barbados on trafficking of persons in which Barbados has fallen to Tier 2 Watch List (WL)
Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur as 'a naked man, stripped down to the skin, of all of the arrogance and all of the hubris that the people of Barbados' - Freundel Stuart
The Foster Ince group is proposing a ferry service to enhance the Caribbean's tourism product
According to Dr. DeLisle Worrell, change is needed in the management and treatment of workers, and the appraisal performance system which many companies have implemented needs replacing. This was said during a Human Resource Management Association of Barbados (HRMAB) Breakfast Seminar.

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