The DLP which has preached against the vices of corruption is now in its jaws as the BLP now supports Rice-Bowen in exposing to the public the improprieties of the current Government, which might cause certain resignations.
The St Michael North East MP (Mia Mottley) noted that Rice-Bowen's appointment had been terminated and she had put four charges in the public domain that demanded immediate answers
Barbados faced a flurry of questions from experts of the Human Rights Committee on its legal stance on the death penalty
For as long as Clement Paul remembers he always wanted to be a singer, but owing to the "lack of a good singing voice" that "want" remained nothing more but a dream
TWO CARIBBEAN companies are suing an Irish developer over allegedly diverting for his own use large sums out of $52 million
In what is a landslide victory, DLP representative Mara Thompson, has swept away another attempt by the BLP to win the seat after 52 years of DLP representation
According to the laws of Barbados this election is to be held within ninety (90) days of the passing of the individual to once held the seat, and therefore the election had to be called by the 21st January, 2011
The honour has been presented for his distinguished career and his outstanding service and contribution to Barbados and public life
In a letter address to the Acting Chief Justice of Barbados, the Barbados Bar Association has metered out grievances which are affecting its association and the awarding of justice on the island.
"Barbados is becoming too international" says one bar owner, and it is taking away the island's uniqueness as a tourism destination
We can now safely continue to bury our heads in the sand as those warning signs we were hearing and the fear we were experiencing are no warning signals at all, but just young persons wanting to identify themselves with various groups
Dr. Holder's election as Archbishop took place at Guyana's new Convention Hall in Georgetown on 10th December, 2009
Barbadians are being told not to rush the death penalty, but having signed unto the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in 2000. The Court made the decision that Barbados should abolish the death penalty and change its Constitution in 2007
After registering the website as, the search engines started to index websites which also had the word within their pages, the word which I thought did not exist
The Barbados Public Library was established sometime around 1847
The following is an excerpt of an article written at the St. Agnes Church in Grant's Town website - please visit the website for the full article - link below
The redeveloped Kensington Oval also known as the "Mecca" of Cricket, now occupies just over 12.5 acres of land
"And how shall they preach, except they be sent? ....." Romans 10:15
What makes Barbados a water scarce country, if such a thing can accurately label the 166 sq. mile island.

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