According to representation made Ramesh Maharaj against the Winston Dookeran's budgetary plan for Clico Trinidad Limited, policyholders whose principal balances exceed $75,000 and are being affected are seeking redress from the Governor of The Central Bank.
Dottin is seeking an injunction to block any action against him naming the Police Service Commission as the first defendant, and the Chief Personnel Officer as the second
Whites are protesting what they believe to be a future position whereby with the constant progress of Islam, and Indian they will one day find themselves under Sharia Law
FDA officials in the United States have recalled over half a billion eggs after over a thousand people were infected by Salmonella poisoning
The dismissal of two consultant doctors from the Barbados Queen Elizabeth Hospital has resulted in doctors withholding their services from the general public, except for emergencies
The UPP candidates succumbed to allegations of undue influence, breaches of the law for elections regarding polling hours-late opening and closing
Officials have blamed recent rains caused by Tropical Storm Agatha, and an underground sewage flow from a ruptured main for the Sinkhole tragedy
In April, Dr. Anthony Cummins said he recognized that there is a serious need for a change in the style of giving, relative to the word of God. He added that the Church must change its image as a receiving entity to one of giving and that SOM is leading the way in this respect. - Barbados Advocate
There is a craze now rocking the world which was created in 1839, and was once kept in doctors offices, but has been unleashed on the general public as a so-called safe drug, referred to as a Digital Drug which involves the concept of I-Dosing
Thompson, ailing since early March had been suffering with stomach pains that led to consultations with his personal physician, Dr Richard Ishmael
Barbadians losing their Freedom, due to the *smart card*
This new capability of being able to see the exit page was quite difficult in the pass, using Google Adsense alone

Net Neutrality is under attack by big phone and cable companies who want the power to pick and choose what you will be able to see and do on the Internet because they supply the means of accessing the internet

Professor of mechanical engineering at Purdue University, estimates the current spill at 95,000 barrels or almost 4 million gallons per day of oil and methane
What has caused attention to be laid upon Vybz Kartel is a ring he wears, which consist of the compass and square of the Freemasons.
Prime Minster Golding lobbying Washington for a favourable outcome in the contentious Christopher Coke extradition saga
Families in Nigeria have been casting their vulnerable children to the streets after being labeled by "pastors" as witches, because of misfortunes which might have occurred within the family
The Indian Premier League's brand value was estimated to be around $4.13 billion in 2010

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