The National Honours Committee of Antigua and Barbuda voted unanimously to strip Stanford of his knighthood
British police have to be politically correct when going about their duties in order not to offend persons of various faiths
Rapid HIV testing for Barbados, allows for the test to be done in 5 to 30 minutes
CARIPASS is expected to encourage hassle free travel, and increase security within CARICOM
Beyonce has attained five Hot 100 number one singles, becoming one of the two female artists-joint with Rihanna
Some persons in attendance testified of what has been happening in their lives after meeting Bishop Richard Barrow
"BMAs was something good" -
Facebook is the chief web site visited by Barbadians
The Haitian people once again are faced with tragedy this time in the form of a 7.0 earthquake
Dr. Skinner - "We typically see women who are professionals"
Update on Pastor Paul Lewis - 17 Jan 2010
Google might be closing offices in China, and bringing to end its
The search term for "Christianity is" shows millions of hits on Google in opposition to Christianity
Exports from China rose US$130.7 billion
The internet which was previously thought to be a free for all to allow for the dispensation of knowledge to all ends of the earth, is being kidnapped by Google through censorship.
The West Indies became a self-governing province in 1883
"This is indigenous property, ours, aborigine."
Recently BPA has been found to be leaking from plastic containers and could be responsible for many ailments in children and adults. BPA plastic containers are being removed from the shelves in Australia

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