Jack Warner again warns of a tsunami

The former FIFA VP Jack Warner might not be a geologist or oceanographer, but he continues to promise a tsunami in the near future, sometime after Mr Bin Hammam's case before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has resolved
October 18, 2011 by Jeff

Trinidad and Tobago - The T&T Guardian is today reporting that former FIFA vice-president, Jack Warner, in a letter to them has highlighted the 'gifts' and 'dealings' of the world football governing body. Mr. Warner's response comes on the heels of Thursday's video recording of the controversal Hyatt hotel, May 11, 2011 Caribbean Football Union (CFU) meeting highlighted on the London Telegraph website.

Mr. Warner said the future tsunami will expose how FIFA conducts its 'business', but only after Mr Bin Hammam's case before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has resolved. Mr Bin Hammam had unsuccessfully appealled through a FIFA Appeals Panel, the 23 July ruling by the FIFA Ethics Committee banning him from taking part in any kind of football-related activity (administrative, sports or any other) at national and international level for a period of life, but in a 15 September 2011 media release on his blog, bin Hammam said his appeal will be taken to the CAS.

Mr Warner has promised to release detail information of the 1998 FIFA presidential elections, won by Sepp Blatter and who at that time gave gifts and to whom. "With Bin Hammam's private plane, we did the same for Blatter again in 2002 when he faced Issa Hayatou, in a most brutal election, and he won a second time."

"The role of Blazer in the CONCACAF will be exposed. His addiction to the stock market and how this impacted on the CONCACAF's finances will all be revealed. You will also be told why for some seven years I refused to sign Blazer's contract and even today as I write to you he has none.

"You will learn why Blazer became vice-president of CONCACAF ahead of Sunil Gulati, the present president of the USSF. His wheeling and dealing will stymie the international football community.

"They have retaken the World Cup TV Rights first given to me by the former President of FIFA, Dr Joao Havelange, a matter for which they have not heard the last. They have refused to give me any of my 29-year pension." Said Mr. Warner.

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