Shanique Myrie
Shanique Myrie - Jamaican who claimed to had been finger raped before deportation at GAIA -- photo: nationnews

Since the news broke that Shanique Myrie from Jamaica was finger raped by an immigration officer while being subjected to a search at Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA). The internet has been ablazed with comments such as "Shanique Myrie says...", but who is Shanique Myrie?

The Jamaican Observer newspaper broke the news, but to this day no one knows who this lady is. No one has tried to discover if her story is credible.

The reputation of the immigration officer has been put under the microscope, and will most likely be tarnished. Vitriol comments from some who would almost like to derail Barbados' progress, and reputation across the globe continue to manifest across the internet. Yet, the name Shanique Myrie is gaining sympathy votes, although we know nothing of the name, and who is behind the name.

Do the authorities in Jamaica have any criminal records on Ms. Myrie? Has she ever made accusations of a similar nature? Has she ever been deported from any other country? What is Ms. Myrie's occupation? Does she have ties in Jamaica?

Until we understand who we are entertaining maybe we should wait until this story is properly investigated, before we decide to run with it.

Barbados has had around 54,000 Jamaican arrivals during the period 2008 - 2010, of these about 900 were deported for various reasons. Some 53,100 were able to enter the island. Barbados is glad to have visitors to its shores, but i'm not sure we should entertain all visitors at the detriment of Barbados and its genuine visitors, and citizenry.