Skyfall - The worst James Bond movie ever!!!

We need our old Bond back, slightly shaken, but not stirred. The valley between this and other Bond movies is too great.

Skyfall - the worst James Bond movie ever!!!

Never thought it possible, but there has been a dreaded James Bond Movie released in what is titled "Skyfall".

I never thought the James Bond franchise could be disgraced in this manner.

The Skyfall movie, initially released October 23, 2012, is not the sight for sore eyes, but the rather the cause.

The Bond franchise holders need to understand that movie goers have fallen in love with Bond because of his charisma, sauve, and his liking of the finer things in life. Bond offers a place where movie goers can escape in a world of a smart taking secret agent who understands how to manipulate any situation.

Watching the Bond movies over the years, I have always been impressed by the latest, watches, cars, phones and other gadgets, which surrounded the Bond movies.

Bond always seem to have a way with the women. This Bond seem to have a way with men.

We need our old Bond back, slightly shaken, but not stirred


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Comments (4)

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gop says...
Wikipedia - Skyfall is the twenty-third spy film in the James Bond series, produced by Eon Productions and distributed by MGM and Sony Pictures Entertainment. It features Daniel Craig's third performance as James Bond, and Javier Bardem as Raoul Silva, the film's villain. The film was directed by Sam Mendes and written by John Logan, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade.
6th November 2012 6:50am
Bhushan says...
SKYFALL: The WORST Bond film ever!!!
Please do not waste your time in watching this movie. It seems Sam Mendes has directed this movie in keeping Oscars in mind; not the legendary of Bond series & thus has messed up the plot completely. This movie will disappoint you if you are Bond fan & even if you are fan of action films. I found following points really pathetic,1. Naomi Harris is like cartoon & has no chemistry with Daniel Craig.2. Daniel Craig lacks the charm associated with Bond persona.3. Nothing to apluad about actions scenes; the very few that movie has.4. We know Bond as a hero who saves the world.
8th November 2012 7:26am
flyguy says...
So sad. What happened. Ticket sales might be up because people are bored or because of the 007 legacy. Where were the gadgets, imagination, and my intrest? All I could think about was a failed economy and cut backs (kid q's remark "things aren't the same" while giving out goodies in a negative sense. Ugh.... Such a fan too. Guess I get to watch reruns with integrity. Watch it but don't waste money. Hope the the real double O returns soon.
9th November 2012 9:17pm
Hardcore 52 year old Bond fan says...
I saw my very first James Bond film "Live And Let Die" at my small hometown theater when I was 16 years old and instantly became a fan of the series, always attending the next Bond film as soon as it was released, that is, up until I saw Daniel Craig in "Casino Royale" which made me step back and wonder what happened. I was deeply disappointed with Daniel Craig as the new Bond character and I was particularly turned off by Judy Dench playing the part of M so much so that I boycotted "Quantum Of Solice" as I am now boycotting "Skyfall". I agree with this review... Barbara Brocolli needs to be fired. Albert Brocolli (Cubby) we miss you! Bond movies will never be made as good with you gone.
16th November 2012 12:23am
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