With the tough economic times being experience the world over. Many in the Caribbean speak of a coming together, and towards unity and a speaking with one voice, but many insular characters have unveiled themselves in recent times.

Many who have over many years refused to put measures in place for the betterment of their nationals as a whole are now expecting territories such as Barbados to open its doors without any stipulations on illegal immigrants.

The Barbadian Prime has been inundated with nothing less than insulting comments in all forms of news media for suggesting that Barbados is a sovereign state, and therefore non-nationals will have to register to the relevant authorities in six months.

One would think that other CARICOM leaders would be in total agreement with this move as their nationals with an illegal immigrant status in Barbados, allows for them to be exploited, but these leaders seem not to care, because they are glad to see some of these people leave their home countries where pressure could be placed on the transportation, medical, and educational systems.

These leaders, who are looking out for number Uno, are happy for the repatriation of money to their individual territories from Barbados in order to prop up their self interest, and re-election in tough economic times.

Barbados, because of these illegal nationals who are being exploited on its shores now faces a charge by US authorities which claims the island has condoned human trafficking, and has therefore been given a rating of tier 2.

In the Caribbean it is either that we swim together, or we will drown together. It doesn't make much since sending all peoples to Barbados so it might be first to sink.

Your INDIVIDUAL thoughts on this matter are appreciated.