The City of Bridgetown, located in Barbados has been over recent years undergoing serious upgrades in its appearance leaving many in awe of its beauty.

The once "stinky" Wharf, also known as the Careenage has been cleaned of all of its murk and therefore its horrible smells. It runs from as far as Station Hill in the east and dumps its waters in the sea in the west.

Street lighting now guards both sides of a new decorative side-walk. The old defunct swing bridge which once made the city as popular as it is, has been replaced by a lift bridge to allow the city to remain true to its name Bridgetown.

This great expense by the government is being mocked by those who have alternative agenda in what appears to be to destroy the city, and by extension the country of Barbados.

Graffiti are being drawn all over the city and in some areas of its outskirts. It has been very distasteful to see, and what it might all symbolize is a mystery. What can be seen from its appearance is that in different areas it has been consistent.

six point star
An example of the six pointed star in Bridgetown

The Graffiti chiefly consist of a six pointed star with the number six at its centre. This is sometimes accompanied by what appears to the all seeing eye mentioned in such movies as National Treasure.

The Six-Pointed Star: The origin, and history of the six-pointed star (hexagram) and its mysterious link with mankind from the days of Egypt are intriguing. The six-pointed star has long been used in magic, occultism, witchcraft, and astrology, and has been found at the scene of so many occult crimes that the police in California issued a directive to all schools warning children to be cautious of this symbol. This symbol is comprised of a six within a six within a six (i.e. 6 points, 6 triangles, 6 sides of the inner hexagon).

six point star
An example of the all seeing eye in Bridgetown

The all-seeing eye, also referred to as the Eye of Providence, is a symbol showing an eye surrounded by rays of light or a glory and usually enclosed by a triangle. It is sometimes interpreted as representing the eye of god keeping watch on humankind. (Wikipedia)

It is believed that the six pointed star, and the all seeing eye might be involve in serious satanic symbolism. If this is so, do those who are involve understand what serious implications this can have on our beloved city?