The New York Police Department is investigating Youtube videos of some its officers who were on duty during the West Indian Labour Day Carnival in New York which allow spectators and participants to watch and follow the parade on its route along Eastern Parkway.

Persons in police uniforms lining the route of the parade can be seen gyrating against participants of the parade who came on the sidelines to dance with the officers. The officers appearing to be good natured obliged the proposition of the scantily dress women in some cases, and were "high fived" in some cases by male participants.

This dancing on persons in uniform along parade routes also occurs in the Caribbean during carnival, but officers usually do not respond with similar gestures as seen in the Youtube video.

It is quite understandably that an officer who is amongst his peers and has propositioned by a scantily dressed good looking lady might want to respond, but the officer should also respect the uniform he is wearing.

The Labor Day Parade (or West Indian Carnival), is an annual celebration held on American Labor Day (the first Monday in September), in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York.