The last Census in Barbados was done in 1980.

A census according to Wikipedia is a procedure of acquiring and recording information about the members of a population. The United Nations recommends it be done every ten(10) years.

With the statement by the Prime Minister of Barbados, Mr. David Thompson that illegal CARICOM nationals who have been living in Barbados for eight(8) years, and their dependents can apply for their status to be regularized.

There is thus a need for a comprehensive census to be undertaken so a precise picture can be drawn up to give nationals, Government, and the world for that matter, how many people are in Barbados.

This will help in the planning of the population, housing, medical care, educational services, transportation, food production, and the lists goes on and on.

The next census to be carried out in Barbados is expected to be in 2010, and is greatly anticipated as the true size of the population needs to be known.