President Obama Supports Gay Marriage

President Obama said Vice President Biden got "a little bit over his skis" in publicly embracing gay marriage

11 May 2012, 12:50 PM

By: Jeff

WASHINGTON, DC -- President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, last Wednesday gave his endorsement for gay marriages after what seemed like a faux pas by Vice President Biden.

Obama has said repeatedly that he is a Christian, yet personally he has no problem with same-sex couples being married.

One must be careful while developing such an argument to be mindful that it might be one matter to argue for human rights for gays, and an entirely different one to argue using the bible as the president did.

The president stated that gay marriages are fine by him because of the golden rule, which states to do onto others as you would have them do unto you.

The president being a lawyer should understand that certain rules should not be taken out of context of the whole. Because the good book also states that homosexuality is an abomination to God.

So the golden rule to which the president so eloquently speaks, must be taken into context as the rule only applies provided what you are doing is in keeping with what God would want for man.

Using the bible to help justify gay marriages is not correct, but outside of religion it will be difficult to prevent same-sex marriages. The United States and other countries around the world might therefore have to remove anti-gay laws from their books.

What should not be obligatory, and what should not be happening, is that same-sex marriages should occur in the church as the God of Christianity doesn't support homosexuality.

Some may argue why then does the church marry non-believers. This is done because it is the union of opposite sexes, and it removes them from the bondage of fornication.

The gay marriage agenda can not stand the scrutiny of medical, moral, social, nor religious grounds, and therefore to make any headway as to whether it should be legalized, has to be done so devoid of such arguments.

With such arguments not in the ring, then there is nothing preventing gay marriages, but Christian pastors will not be able to officiate at such ceremonies and remain true to God.

It will appear that Obama's hand was forced on the issue by his Vice President Joe Biden, who last Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press" said he was absolutely confortable with gay marriages.

President Obama said Vice President Biden got "a little bit over his skis" in publicly embracing gay marriage, forcing Obama to speed up his plans to announce support for same-sex couples who want to marry.

The president will receive some lashes on this decision, but all in all he has made a decision, which could cost him his presidency as he might not be able to see the trees from the forest.

The president clearly doesn't understand that when one opens the door to certain spirits, then others can also enter. God has spoken clearly against this particular sin.

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