It is perceived that there will be many arguments between REDjet's staff, and Caribbean travellers at check-in counters at airports throughout the region, as disputes of the final cost of flights are revealed to some.

REDjet airlines are about to enter the Caribbean market of inter-regional travel with its inaugural flight to the Piarco International Airport (PIA) in Trinidad, from the Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) in Barbados.

REDjet, because of its introduction of "cheap flights" has been seen as a knight in white armour, because it has caused other players in the market to immediately lower their fares following a season of "high fares" in the region.

What is not clear as yet to some, who are praising the US$9.99 fares throughout the Caribbean on REDjet, is the understanding of the Barbadian based company business model. REDjet will charge US$9.99 for the cost of the seat alone, passengers will have to pay travel taxes, preferential boarding and seating on the plane, and baggage cost, other than the carry-on.