St. Vincent - The case of 23-year old former model Yugge Farrell against the wife of Camillo Gonsalves has been attracting attention across the globe.

So much so that Barbadian Queen's Counsel Andrew Pilgrim is now leading the defense in the case, instead of Grant Connell. This case, it seems, was quickly becoming a political football.

Farrell was granted EC $1000 bail when she appeared in the Kingstown Magistrate's Court this morning after three weeks of court-ordered observation at the Mental Health Centre.

Yugge Farrell is accused of calling Karen Duncan-Gonsalves, an attorney, "dirty b***h". The court is deciding on this matter.

It is interesting whether the court wanted Farrell to be observed, or observed and be treated, by the mental facility and why if any drugs were administered.

Kay Bacchus-Baptiste has been showing some interest in the case. Mrs. Bacchus-Baptiste, an attorney, became an Opposition Senator last November, and has prepared an affidavit resembling the one being circulated on the internet in which Gailene Farrell, mother of the accused made statements concerning the matter.

Bacchus-Baptiste said she prepared the document for protection after the woman came to her office earlier this month. Subsequently the document was leaked on-line.

Kay Bacchus-Baptiste said she has been retained to see after the "human rights and mental health issues" of the former model, after she had been asked by her relatives to see after her interest.

Pray for these two young ladies (Yugge & Karen) who have been caught up in this whirlwind. It must be a trying time for both.