Prophet TB Joshua today at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) prophesied that something big is about to happen in Italy which will be breaking news around the world.

The prophet said he isn't sure what the predicament will be, but that persons should pray for Italy as they are about to make headlines.

TB Joshua has made many prophesies which have come to pass. One prophesy which has come to pass of late is that of the shooting massacre in Aurora, Colorado on Thursday night.

On Thursday, James Holmes launched a gun attack which killed 12 and injuring another 50, during screening of The Dark Knight Rises, Batman film release in theatres.

Italy has been in the news of late as its divided political parties restated their support for Prime Minister Mario Monti at the weekend, seeking to calm fears of instability that helped drive Rome's borrowing costs to dangerous levels last week. (Reuters)

There has been some fear of a government crisis, and the possibility of early elections in that country, but these fears have all been refuted.

Government uncertainty was cited by ratings agency Moody's who reduced Italy's credit rating by two notches earlier this month.