According to the nationnews online edition, the University of The West Indies (UWI) Games 2011 resulted in a fight during a basketball game between students of the Cave Hill Campus in Barbados, and those of the Mona Campus, in Jamaica.

In a match which was brought to an abrupt end as opposing teams became violent during play last night at the Barbados Community College.

Police eventually brought an end to the proceedings at 11:40 p.m. after the melee interrupted the contest with 3:39 still remaining in the fourth and the hosts leading 60-47. (nationnews)

Reports are that one player from Cave Hill representing the "Blackbirds" was punched in the abdomen, and replied with a slap in the face of the opponent player from the Mona Campus representing the "Pelicans". One other player representing Cave Hill was elbowed in the forehead causing a laceration above his right eye, which lead to both benches and fans storming the court in a brief spectacle.

These games are expected to finish tomorrow, hopefully without further incident. Over nine days, some 400 of the region's most talented male and female student athletes would have competed in ten sporting disciplines.

In her welcoming speech to students of the three campuses Deputy Principal of The Cave Hill Campus, V Eudine Barriteau, had said, "Our athletes will compete to the cheers of hundreds of student supporters from every territory in our region. National loyalties will be set aside and Campus loyalties will dominate as athletes compete for the championship trophy which will go the Campus with the best performance across the ten disciplines".

Tensions between Jamaica, and Barbados seem again to be raising its ugly head, following the case of Shanique Myrie trying to enter Barbados and denied and allegedly searched by officials at the airport, which lead to the Jamaican press and its countrymen storming to the internet, condemning any actions they thought might have occurred to Ms. Myrie.

This might not be the situation with these games as players later apologized to each other, and the Mona team conceded defeat by not showing for the game which was rescheduled. One must also note that the Cave Hill, and Mona teams comprise the best available players at individual campuses, and therefore nationals of Barbados, and Jamaica might not be on the team.