This year 2009 is one of the worst years I believe Barbadians have witnessed for a very long time.

The year as a whole flew passed before many could take a grasp of any of its many uncertainties. The world as a whole is in an economic slump, and many have loosed lots of money, businesses, and jobs. Others still are uncertain if they will also lose theirs.

Christmas this year has definitely been affected by the predictions of doom and gloom chiefly by the super powers who exist today.

At the writing of this article, it is the Sunday before Christmas, and Barbados for the most part appears like any other Sunday or period of the year.

What is the difference?

Usually around the Christmas period in Barbados, town and country is abuzz with persons going hither and thither to get the variety and reasonably price items, which some how seem to exist only at Christmas time.

Homes, and properties for that matter are ablaze with repairs, and fresh coats of paint which somehow are welcomed by the yuletide season. Many dollars are spent for the preparation of the day Christ was born.

Many are in expectancy of relatives they have not seen in years, and the barrels of goodies which sometimes preempt they arrivals.

Greeting somehow seem more robust as friends and family greet each other in the streets wishing one another all the best for the season and the new year. Some even alert the other person they will be at their home sometime during the season, and they will be expecting ham and cake. which usually brings about joyous laughter for both parties.

The city a few days before Christmas is usually filled to capacity with locals and visitors from all other the world making it difficult to travel along streets such Broad, Swan and High street.

This, however, is not the case in Barbados this year. Christmas of 2009 in Barbados is very low keyed. It is only those companies who do well rather sun shine or rain fall that are running ads, competitions in the media which are trying to hype up the season.

But as most don't have much to spend, and even if they did they isn't much to buy in the shops. Christmas in Barbados for 2009 will low keyed.