This is simply a clarion call for all peoples to come together and celebrate Emancipation Day in one accord. A date should be chosen between all and sundry who are involved.

We all have heard the cliché of unity being strength, and unification of a people in a thought.

A wise person once said that a house divided can not stand, and therefore there is a need for especially those with an ancestry of slavery to come together so our celebrations of the day of emancipation can be more focused, and harness more attention from the world.

This is very important, because if we were to forget the horrors of our pass we are bound to repeat it in the future. Already, this is starting to manifest itself in the form of Human Trafficking across the globe, because we are starting to forget.

A unified day celebration of the lifting of the bonds of slavery should be taken into account if for nothing else but the share power in numbers saying no to the evil which can rise up in men.

At present, we have nations who have been tainted by the shame of slavery, celebrating the Day of Emancipation on various days.

The 1st August is chosen by such territories as Barbados, Bermuda, Guyana, Jamaica, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Trinidad and Tobago was the first territory to ever celebrate Emancipation Day by declaring a day in remembrance of this shame on the world.

Other territories celebrate the day on the first Monday in the month of August. These include Anguilla, The Bahamas, and the British Virgin Islands.

Within the United States of America in areas such as Washington, Florida, Mississippi, Texas, Puerto Rico, and the U.S Virgin Islands, the day is celebrated various dates between 22nd March to 3rd July.

What would be more fitting is for all regions to celebrate this most important day on the 1st August of each year, as it is the point in time when all African slaves were made free. Granted that in some pockets of the United States there might have been an effort to free some slaves before this time.

A unified day of the year which can be seen as a public holiday would be a clear indication to the world that slavery and most recently human trafficking, is something to be frowned upon.