The Church service offered by Victorious Living Ministries during the day in Barbados is not common to Barbados. The service is being held during the day from 11:00am to 1:00pm on a midday, with Apostle Richard Barrow.

The Church is headed by Apostle Richard T. Barrow, who holds a church service in the former Olympic theatre, next to S.Y. Adams on High Street in Bridgetown.

I have heard about the service many times from Apostle Barrow on the church radio programme, which occurs on Gospel 97.5 at 8pm on Saturdays, and 10pm on Mondays (persons can also listen online at Gospel 97.5 website), but only decided to attend last Thursday, which caused me to be pleasantly surprised.

I have heard Bishop Barrow mention the number of people who attend the service, but I was really shocked at how many were there. The service allows persons to attend church during they lunch hours, to be spiritually refill during the week, and also allows those who attend other churches to attend the service, without compromising they home church.

Many in attendance danced, and sang praises to the Lord while shouting the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus! I am sure this turned many heads along the streets on High street, and perked many passersby curiosity. If only they knew what they were missing.

Many did as the Apostle said in bringing the pictures of loved ones who needed pray, and bottles of olive oil, and water to be used as the apostle instructs in order to receive physical, mental, and spiritual healings after he had prayed our them, in order to receive miracles.

Some persons in attendance testified of miracles which have been happening in their lives after meeting Bishop Barrow. Many others have been testifying of the goodness of God after attending Apostle Richard Barrows church services.

My neighbour recently told me the testimony of her son attending a church service and being healed of prostate cancer after being prayed for by Bishop Barrow.

This writer can also testify after attending Bishop Richard Barrow's church services, and would encourage others to do the same.