Truth be told, I don't have a clue. Trivester is the name I decided I would call this web space after many weeks of trying to acquire a really catchy name which would be easily be remembered by visitors to the website.

As the site explorers things of Christianity, and speaks to those things which tend to affect the morality of societies the world over. I first pondered on biblical names for the site, but each time I would come upon a name, which I thought was really good, it would already be taken by some other website on the internet.

With time passing rapidly and still unable to come up with a name, I decided I would start brain storming and make up a word, and Trivester became that word.

At that point I began to search dictionaries, and the internet in search of the word and what it might mean, but I was unsuccessful so I thought I would stick with it. The search engines were so convince at that point the word did not exist, that they offered me the suggested search term Trimester instead.

After registering the website as, the search engines started to index websites which also had the word within their pages, the word which I thought did not exist.

I found it as the name of a character in an online video game, and I wanted to change the name right away before the website was completely indexed by the search engines. At this point I received an email from someone who was also searching for the word Trivester, because as he put it, he had been hearing from God who was speaking to him about a "Trivester of praise", and having heard that from him, I decided I would keep the name.

I still don't know what it means, but if any reading believe it has a meaning please let me know.