In a service to celebrate the newly appointed Archbishop of the West Indies, the Most Reverend, Dr. The Honourable John Walder Dunlop Holder, the Crozier was passed.

The service was held at The Cathedral Church of St Michael, during the Feast of the Annunciation of the Lord to the Virgin Mary on March 25th - nine full months before Christmas.

The event was well attended by patrons who witnessed the passing of the Crozier from former Archbishop of the West Indies, His Grace Drexel Gomez.

Former Archbishop Gomez, himself, was elected Archbishop and Primate of the Province of the West Indies in 1998. He is a leading opponent of the ordination of practising homosexuals as Anglican clergy.

The Crozier received by Archbishop Holder is one form of many stylized staffs of the office (pastoral staff) carried by high-ranking Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican, and some Lutheran and Pentecostal prelates.

This particular Cozier is in the form of the Patriarchal Cross, the top beam represents the plaque bearing the inscription "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews" when Jesus was crucified.

Dr. Holder's election as Archbishop took place at Guyana's new Convention Hall in Georgetown on 10th December, 2009 during a meeting of the Provincial Synod of the Church of the Province of the West Indies.