The Barbados Fire Service is to be commended for its efforts in carrying-out a daring water rescue of 23 year-old, Charlotte Parris, from atop the roof of her car in The Belle.

Charlotte Parris was driving along The Belle in the terrible weather which resulted in a downpour brought on by a combination of light winds and an abundance of low-level moisture and strong daytime heat.

Water which accumulated in the cane field on the opposite side of the road broke its banks with a massive force sweeping Parris and her car into a gully on the opposite side.

The young lady managed to pry open the door of the vehicle against the rushing waters, and climbed to the roof securing herself with bush above her head, until rescue efforts came.

The Barbados Fire Service, along with some good Samaritans, used an inflated vehicle inner-tube, and a cable, which was tossed to a fire officer who accompanied her on the vehicle's roof.

The two were in separate incidences pulled to safety.