PRIME MINISTER DAVID THOMPSON is ailing and in recent weeks, has undergone tests in Barbados and New York to identify the cause of the illness.

Prime Minister Thompson has been noticeably absent from the political arena of Barbados, particularly in the Dr. David Estwick, Dale Marshall issue, and the Abolition of the death penalty of Barbados debate in parliament.

Thompson announced today at a media briefing at his official Ilaro Court residence, saying that over the next two weeks, Barbadians should know definitively what is the nature and extent of his condition.

Thompson said that since early March he had been suffering with stomach pains that led to consultations with his personal physician Dr Richard Ishmael.

Thompson described Dr. Richard Ishmael as his person physician since 1991, and under the directions of his doctor some of his public engagements will be curtailed.

He revealed he had undergone tests in Barbados and had also travelled with Ishmael to New York where additional tests were carried out.

Thompson, who has noticeably lost weight, added the process was such that some of the initial tests and others were going to continue and it might necessitate him being out of the country over the next month or so for a longer period than would normally be the case.

He said the usual arrangements with respect to his absence would be put in place, with Attorney General Freundel Stuart serving in his absence.

Ishmael said that four weeks ago he saw the Prime Minister who complained of abdominal pain. The consultation lead to test and then a referral to the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Weill Cornell campus to see a specialist.

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital is a prominent university hospital. It is composed of two distinct medical centers, Columbia University Medical Center and Weill Cornell Medical Center. As of 2008, the U.S. News and World Report rankings place NYPH overall as the sixth-best hospital in the United States.

Ishmael noted that "we do not have a concrete diagnosis yet" and that the Prime Minister will return to New York next week for additional tests.(nationnews)

In his media briefing alongside his doctor, Thompson appeared weak, and his voice sounded shaken.

Trivester would like for all persons to remember our Prime Minister who is currently ill in prayer. To the Prime Minister Trivester hopes that who seek God in all this because this writer has witnessed the miraculous healing of some ailments right here in Barbados.