Almost seven months later, the Cabinet is expected to undergo a third cabinet reshuffle. This follows the disclosure exactly two weeks ago, through the PM's personal physician, that he was suffering from pancreatic cancer.

His doctor, cardiologist Richard Ishmael had said that although the Prime Minister was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that he was quite capable of holding the reins of PM in his opinion.

The Prime Minister of Barbados has advised today his Excellency, the Governor General to reconfigure the Cabinet as follows, as of October 4th 2010:

Hon. David Thompson - Prime Minister and Minister of National Security

Hon. Freundel Stuart - Deputy Prime Minister, Attorney General and Minister of Home Affairs

Hon. Christopher Sinckler - Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs

Hon. Ronald Jones - Minister of Education and Human Resource Development

Hon. Michael Lashley - Minister of Housing, Lands, Urban and Rural Development

Hon. Patrick Todd - Minister of State in the Ministry of Housing, Lands, Urban and Rural Development with responsibilities for Urban and Rural Development

Hon. John Boyce - Minister of Transport and Works. Mr. Boyce will also assume the added responsibility of Leader of the House

Hon. Denis Lowe - Minister of Drainage, Water Resource Management and Environment

Hon. Donville Inniss - Minister of Health

Hon. Richard Sealy - Minister of Tourism

Dr. the Hon. David Estwick - Minister of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries, Industry and Small Business Development

Dr. the Hon. Esther Byer-Suckoo - Minister of Labour

Hon. Steve Blackett - Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Community Development

Hon. Stephen Lashley - Minister of Family, Culture, Sports and Youth

Sen. Hon. Haynesley Benn - Minster of Commerce and Trade

Hon. George Hutson - Minister of International Transport and International Business

Sen. Hon. Maxine McClean - Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

Sen. Hon. Darcy Boyce - Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibilities for Energy, Immigration, Telecommunications and Investment

Sen. Irene Sandiford-Garner - Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Health

Senator Harry Husbands - Parliamentary Secretary, Office of the Prime Minister

Senator Jepter Ince - Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Economic Affairs