Prime Minister David Thompson has again spoken to the media concerning his illness, and the general outlook of the country.

He has alerted Barbadians that he will be taking two months sick leave, so the business of the economy can proceed at a faster pace than his leadership at this time would allow.

Thompson said Deputy Prime Minister Freundel Stuart would naturally act as Prime Minister throughout his absence and he was devolving on him the authority to make whatever decisions he deemed necessary "to keep the social and economic ship of state on even keel".

The cause of David Thompson's weight loss

"During the past few weeks I have undergone observation, tests and medication. My doctors then put me on a rigorous dietary regime which did cause me to lose weight. This was necessary and I know that you all have seen the changes," he said.

"I have not completed my regime of treatment and therefore there is nothing significant to report at this time," he added.

"Shortly, an evaluation will take place to determine if I need surgery. It may be a complex and serious procedure," Thompson said.

Speculation on Thompson's Illness

Some within Barbados, and chiefly on the internet are speculating from the comments the Prime Minister has given that he might be suffering from pancreatic cancer.

In May 2010, Prime Minister Thompson came before the media and said that he was experiencing pain in the abdominal area and was undergoing test, and in the next couple of weeks Barbadians would know definitively what the problem was.

In late June PM Thompson came again to the media and said that he will be taking two months sick leave, and his doctors had placed him under observation, tests and medication, and on a rigorous dietary regime which caused him to lose weight.

It is therefore being speculated to be a gastrointestinal tract problem in the abdominal region. It might very well be Pancreatic cancer as the pancreas is responsible for the breakdown of proteins, fats, and sugars in the GI tract.

One would therefore have to cut back on food intake so as not to call upon the pancreas too much.

If the diagnosis is pancreatic cancer, then the Prime Minister is correct that he will need prayer as the prognosis for this type of cancer is dismal.

The death rate per 100,000 people has been basically unchanged since the mid 1960's at about 10/100,000 for men, and 27/100,000 for women.

As to the reason why the Prime Minister has not come clean as to what is being investigated, and why, is not clear. Barbadians have therefore taken to the rumour mill, and hypothesizing, creating theories, and making laws.

The Trinidadexpress on 18th May wrote in an article entitled "Bajan PM flies out for cancer treatment" stated that the Prime Minister was ailing due to colon cancer. The article stated that "reliable sources close to the government's hierarchy told the Express it is suspected Thompson may be suffering from colon cancer.

The page was no longer on the site when last checked. Only the Google cached copy remains, and that will disappear soon as well.

So tell us. Do you think the Private life of a Prime Minister should be public property?