Today, Saturday 23rd October 2010 has witnessed the passing of Barbados' sixth Prime Minister since its independence in November 1966. The Late Honourable David John Howard Thompson is believed to have died early this morning around 2:10am.

Barbados is now in a state of mourning. Trivester joins all and sundry in extending sincere condolences to his family - wife Mara, mother Margaret Knight, three daughters, and family members.

Prime minister Thompson is the third person to have died while in the Prime ministerial office.

Statement from Mara Thompson, wife of Prime Minister David Thompson

Barbados has lost its loyal son and faithful servant before he had the time to realise his lifetime dreams.

Our family has lost the person who was central to all we did. We enjoyed and endured his public service experiencences. He was always indebted to the people and the party for affording him the opportunity to see the mountain top. Our long vigil this year was lightened by the prayers and support of Barbadians. We are deeply grateful for all your considerations as we seek to reflect as a family in mourning but we invite your continued prayers.

Statement from Owen Arthur - Oppostion leader of Barbados

"Prime Minister Thompson was one of the most remarkable Barbadians of his generation," Arthur told reporters.

"His death, at the height of his intellectual and oratorial skills and powers, unfortunately means that we will never truly get to know the full extent of his possible contribution to the development and transformation of the Barbadian economy," Arthur said.

"While we served on opposite sides I never for a moment entertained any doubts of the sincerity and the completeness of his commitment to the advancement of the interests of the people of Barbados," Arthur said.

"On behalf of my parliamentary colleagues, I wish him eternal peaceand rest, and trust that the trumpets will sound for him on the other side." Arthur added.

Statement from Hillary Rodham Clinton - US Secretary of State

On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I offer my deepest condolences to the people of Barbados on the passing of Prime Minister David Thompson. Barbados has lost a leader and the nations of the Americas have lost a friend and valued partner. Prime Minister Thompson was a champion for democracy and justice in the Caribbean and an advocate for wider prosperity and opportunity throughout the region. Today my thoughts and prayers are with his wife Mara and their daughters.

Barbados is blessed with strong democratic institutions that will ensure a smooth transition of power, and I am confident that under its new leadership, Barbados' strong friendship with the United States will continue.