Though it is something we would prefer not to have to discuss at this time, Barbadians must face the reality that Prime Minister David Thompson might succumb to his current illness.

The question that must therefore be answered is who would permanently hold the post of Prime Minister of Barbados, should Thompson's passing occur, or he is not well enough to continue in the post.

Prime Minister of Barbados, and leader of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) during a national broadcast from Government Headquarters, Thompson said that he will be taking two months sick leave, because of the treatment he is undergoing, and the condition of his illness.

Thompson in his absence thought a natural choice to select Deputy Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, as the Acting Prime Minister of Barbados.

But if Mr. Thompson were to be unable to continue as Prime Minister, should Mr. Stuart continue in the post, or will there be in house fighting for the post?

Mr. Stuart is certainly well educated, and is experience enough, and seems one of strong character and full of integrity.

Is there any other within the party who has wherewithal to rally the troops, and who could successfully win the next schedule general election?

If yes, Who? If no, should the DLP consider recruiting Clyde Mascoll into its fold again if offered the leadership post, as his nemesis would no longer be a challenge, or would this mean political suicide?

So tell us. Who do you think could lead the party if Mr. Thompson is unable to do such?