Christopher "Dudus" Coke has been arrested in Kingston. Christopher Coke is an alleged drug and arms dealer who the United States want extradited to its jurisdiction to face the Charges there.

Today, around 4:00 pm Christopher Coke was arrested in the company of Rev. Merrick Al Miller, also affectionately known as "Al Miller".

The caused of Christopher Coke being caught and arrested

Miller said he was taking Coke in to the US Embassy in Liguanea when he was stopped by the police on the Mandela Highway. The police apparently were acting on intelligence, according to the Jamaican Commissioner of police.

Rev. Miller was previously instrumental in the surrender to police of Coke's sister Sandy, and brother Leighton.

The businessman, who has been on the run since the Jamaican government signed an extradition request May 18, was caught by the Jamaican police.

The Commissioner of police did not confirm during a recent press briefing whether the intelligence which came about on Mr. Coke was as a result of the $5 Million Jamaican dollar reward placed on the capture of Dudus.

The Commissioner said Coke appears to be in good health, has been transported from St Catherine to a 'secure facility'

Jamaican Parliament extends state of public emergency

The Jamaican parliament this afternoon as a result of the arrest extended the state of public emergency until July 22, on the the Corporate Area of Kingston. The extension was granted after Prime Minister Bruce Golding tabled a motion earlier. The state of public emergency was first put in place on 24th May, 2010.

Christopher Coke's arrested. What's next?

The arrest of Christopher Coke means the extradition process to the United States to face drug trafficking charges can proceed, as Coke is prepared to commit himself to due process, and waive his right to an extradition hearing.