Reverend Dr. Paul Lewis to Face Trial in Jamaica for Carnal Knowledge

Reverend Dr. Lewis is expected to undergo trial for allegedly have inappropriate knowledge of a 15-year old Jamaican teen, during a visit to the island. The trial is scheduled to start on 11th October

2010/09/11 07:11 PM

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Reverend Dr. Paul Lewis is believed to have carnal knowledge of a 15-year old girl while visiting the island on a crusade in Jamaica in June 2009.

Pastor Paul Lewis was seen on 10th September, 2010 in the Savannah-La-Mar Resident Magistrate's Court, before Resident Magistrate Lyle Armstrong, where a ruling was handed down that he will face trial in the Westmoreland Circuit Court on October 11, 2010.

According to the Gleaner newspaper:

"Paul Lewis feels that it is nothing short of a travesty of justice that the matter has been sent to the next sitting of the Circuit Court," attorney-at-law Keith Bishop said.

"All of us as defense counsel made no-case submissions. It's important to point out that an important element of carnal knowledge is penetration. There is no evidence of penetration and the judge still commits the matter to Circuit," Bishop told The Gleaner.

"We were denied statements from the forensic expert and we do not know to what extent the judge might have relied on the forensic evidence to determine whether or not this case should go forward.

"We believe that what has gone forward is an extremely weak case, and we are appalled and disappointed that the matter has been committed to trial," Bishop said.

The Reverend Dr. Paul Lewis was born in the island of Jamaica West Indies. Dr. Paul migrated to the United States at the age of twelve.

The Reverend Dr. Paul Lewis is currently pastor The Messengers For Christ World Healing Center located in Brooklyn, New York. Only once in a life- time does some-one come along with such a gifting yet humble and caring spirit to share on missions, orphanages, crisis care intervention and more to the brothers and sisters in the World.

Paul Lewis Update - 11 Nov 2010

The attempting to pervert the course of justice case against Jamaican-born international evangelist Reverend Paul Lewis has been postponed until February 2, 2011.

The crown is alleging that the pastor had called a woman and asked her to pay money to the two teenage girls with whom he's alleged to have engaged in sexual activities.

Is it a coincidence that any major decision throughout this case is being done on the 11th of the month?

Paul Lewis Update - 17 Feb 2011

A ten member jury has been chosen to decide the fate of Jamaica-born international pastor Dr. Paul Lewis at his carnal abuse trial.

The jury was selected today (Feb 17, 2011) when the case came up in the Westmoreland Circuit.

The trial is set to get underway on May 30, 2011. (go-jamaica)

Paul Lewis Update - 13 Jun 2011

Paul Lewis Found NOT Guilty - Click here

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