The Kamla Persad-Bissessar lead United National Congress (UNC), and the Winston Dookeran lead Congress of The People (COP), are expected to join forces to fight against the Patrick Manning lead People's National Movement (PNM).

This follows Prime Minister Patrick Manning's dissolving of parliament on Thursday, 8th April, 2010, in what is believed in some quarters as a manoeuvre to avoid a no confidence motion which was going to be tabled against him, the very next day by the opposition, UNC.

"What we have to guard against is people, on the eve of an election, using parliamentary privilege to slander those of us in Government. If they wish to make comments, they are now free to do it, but do so outside the Parliament. I have a battery of lawyers standing by" Manning said.

If the UNC, COP coalition was to win the next government of Trinidad and Tobago, who then will lead the united parties as the ultimate political leader, and Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago?

Granted that Mr. Basdeo Panday it seems will be removed from the scenes of the party who appears to have brought some division within the UNC, and the resultant formation of the COP party.

But will the departure of Mr. Panday mean that Mr. Winston Dookeran will give up his hopes to be Prime Minister of T&T, and maybe fight for the post of deputy prime minister, which is expected to be given to Mr. Jack Warner who has invested heavily in the party?

The reverse is also like unto the first. Will Persad-Bissessar give up her hopes of becoming prime minister of T&T after fighting opposition within the opposition party to defeat Mr. Panday as leader to then settle for the office of deputy prime minister?

There appears opposition within the opposition party might be on the horizon of the rising sun. Maybe this infighting might hide itself until after the election whether win or lose, but after elections it might be bacchanal time once again.

This might be what Mr. Manning is relying upon in order to win yet another general election from an opposition party with fractions within it.

On March 27th, 2010 Mr. Dookeran, and Mrs. Persad-Bissessar held a meeting where the two parties could unite to fight against the ruling PNM, but could not decide who would be leader if the UNC/COP were to win. The agreement does not mean that any of the two parties would dissolve and join the other, as Dookeran made it quite clear that the COP maintains its individuality.