It is now clear that the Panday dynasty in politics in Trinidad and Tobago, might have come to an end.

This is at a time when elections in Trinidad and Tobago are heating up following the call of early elections by Prime Minister Patrick Manning to maybe offset a no confidence motion which was to be tabled against him the very next day by the Opposition led, Kamla Bissessar.

Mr. Panday's political career has come to a screeching end, and might also involve his daughter Mickela Panday, and his brother Subhas Panday, as Mickela Panday was rejected by the screening committee of the United National Congress, to represent the party in the May 24 general elections as a candidate.

2010 has seen the demise of the Pandays, but will it also witness the demise of Prime Minister Patrick Manning if he losses this upcoming election?

Surely, Mr. Manning will not be able to rebound from a loss at this time and considering the type of accusations being tabled against him, not only by the Opposition, but a member of his party who was upset about the way things were being handled, the public, and even an artist.

Mr. Keith Rowley had raised concerns about a lack of cabinet supervision over UDeCOTT's mega billion dollar projects. For this, Mr. Rowley said he was fired.

Mr. Keith Rowley was fired because of unacceptable 'hooligan behaviour' at a meeting of the Finance and General Purposes Committee of cabinet, and not because of his corruption allegation said Mr. Patrick Manning.

Apart from this during a political walkabout in the San Juan area, Prime Minister Patrick Manning came upon one of the citizenry of Trinidad and Tobago in the form of 81 year old Percy Villafana, who blatantly disrespected him for the entire country to see. standing with his arms crossed in front of him, preventing the PM from entering his yard.

Villafana later said the $2 million flag at the Hasley Crawford Stadium in Mucurapo and the poor condition of the Croisse, among other things, had prompted his actions.

With elections now on the horizon, Calypso artist Crazy has penned in song "Patrick Manning Have to go", and he went on to say why.

Crazy in song believes Mr. Manning has to go because of The Calder Hart fiasco at the Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago. The issues with the Hospital in Scarborough. The high levels of crime, and the implementation of property taxes, "Patrick Manning have to go".

Since this year 2010 might be end to the political career of Mr. Patrick Manning, will Mr. Keith Rowley then take over the People's National Movement Party?

What Manning can do if his political ship starts to sink too rapidly is allow Mr. Rowley to have a greater leadership role during these elections in the event he might have to jump ship allowing the Rowley lead PNM to take the party into elections as he is more trusted than Manning at this point, in order to secure a win for the Party.

This will also mean an end to the political career of Mr. Manning, but so would a loss at the polls.