PORT OF SPAIN: Sir Ellis Clarke, the first President of Trinidad and Tobago, has suffered a stroke while at his home, and is now being warded at the West Shore Medical in Cocorite.

Sir Ellis was born 28 December 1917 and if his life is spared will be celebrating his 93rd birthday this year.

Clarke had three children two of which are still alive. Peter Clarke, and Margaret-Ann Clarke.

Sir Ellis Clarke was one of the main draughtsman of Trinidad and Tobago's 1962 Independence constitution.

Clarke attained high school education at St. Mary's College, where he gained an Island Scholarship in Mathematics in 1938. He then attended the University of London where he pursued a Bachelor of Law. He returned to Port of Spain in 1941.

He served as Solicitor-General from 1954-1956, Deputy Colonial Secretary 1956-1957, and Attorney General 1957-1962. After Independence in 1962 he served as Ambassador to the United States, Canada and Mexico, and Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

In 1972 he became the twin island state second, and last Governor General. When Trinidad and Tobago became a Republic on September 24, 1976, Clarke was made the first President serving two terms. His reappointment lasted until 1987.