Money and wealth does not mean happiness

Persons who are not rich often believe that something is missing from their lives...

11 Jan 2010, 09:29 AM

By: gop

This article was triggered by a picture I saw today on the Huffingtonpost, about the Hollywood actor Richard Gere bowing as he received a blessing from the Dalai Lama.

Persons who are not rich often believe that something is missing from their lives, and they believe it is money, and if they just had enough, or maybe lots of it, their lives would be happy.

They believe that money equals happiness which is false. If one were to look at some of those who are making millions of dollars for example musicians, and actors who are usually before the publics eye. One would quickly find that although these persons are rich, and wealthy, they too believe something is missing from their lives, as they are not happy, but what?

They therefore seek lots of money, drugs, sex, "spirituality", or some combination in the list. Just look into any gossip column and you will see this to be true.

This is because whether poor, or rich, the spirit within us yearns to be associated with God. Persons sense this, but then reach out to the wrong type of spirits, because they don't know whose they are. We are all the children of the one true God, and the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you have no understanding of who you really are, you might therefore then reach out to unfamiliar spirits, which can eventually destroy any happiness in your life.

They therefore reach out to things like Scientology, Yoga, and Buddhism and other forms of eastern religions, which eventually make their lives even more chaotic, as these ways of life subject the individual to strange spirits which can be read about at divisions of hell.

If persons were to turn away from these "alternative" ways of living, and turn to Jesus, then it would be possible for them to live fulfilled lives, whether rich, or poor.

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