China surpasses Germany as the world's top exporter as its exports have risen in December to 17.7% over last December, 2008.

December 2008 witnessed exports in China at

Exports from China rose US$130.7 billion, to give a total of US$1.9 trillion for the period 2009. This figure placed China as the top exporter over Germany, whose total exports were in the region of US$1.18 trillion for the year.

This feat by China comes as no real surprise as it has been involve in stimulus measures for its economy while the whole world is in a financial crisis.

In 2009 China also surpassed the United States as the world's largest car maker.

The European Union remained China's biggest trading partner in 2009 with a bilateral volume of US$364 billion, followed by the US and Japan.

If these trends are to continue China no doubt will also surpass the United States as the world's chief super power.

China has not been selfishly growing and developing at this tremendous rate on its own, but has also been throughout the Caribbean gaining support for itself and its goods and services by helping the Caribbean to further develop in these hard economic times.